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-- Kind of a bit premature, I will admit, since no one has asked any questions yet --
-- But I figured I ought to get some questions people might ask about in the future out of the way --

I do use a lot of flowery, archaic, or martial language, it might be best not to take it overly seriously.

The name "Queen" was chosen, because Call F is assuredly the winner of the Mighty No. 9 Call contest. So the title "Queen" already celebrates her victory. The title Queen, means that she's the winner of the Call voting contest. With over %35 of the vote, she was the winner. Even though three were chosen to go into the next round. I also mean to use the name Queen to symbolizing Roll handing down a heritage to Call. The way I see it, Roll has crowned Call Queen of a new franchise, Mighty No. 9. It's another way of seeing the term "spiritual successor." Call is Roll's successor, and thus Queen.

- Why not the name princess? -
The term princess certainly has a history of cuteness, and a lot of people are fond of it. Some people might even find the title "Queen" imposing. However, that's the very reason I chose the name Queen instead of Princess, even though I like Princesses. Princess is cute, but Queens are underrated. The fact that people find Queen an imposing title, but not Princess, seems like a problem. Princesses are great, but there's no reason that Queens could be any less cute, kind, heroic, or just. And I don't want to be a part of that trend which treats Princesses as something everyone wants to be, but Queens not. So I use that term to subvert that trend. If you like Princesses, be open minded toward Queens, as well!

- But isn't Call kind of... cute? -
Exactly! The term Queen has too many negative and imposing connotations! Also, there's a running joke about "Call Wars" going on, so why not run with it? The fact is that Princesses are treated as too cute and innocent and Queens are treated as cruel and unjust. Girl's toy companies actively avoid the term Queen because they feel little girls feel the term queen is overly imposing and girls wouldn't want or relate to a "Queen" character. The fact that Kings can be seen as kind and just, but not Queens, is a problem. In history, in fact, many 12 year old royalty were not "Princes", but Kings. As Kings were often crowed as early as 12 years old. Also, being "cute" has never stopped one from being a King in fiction. "Little King's Story" is a fantastic example of that. Also, I'm not sure that Call's design actually reflects her age, anyway.

- Why not the name Kingdom? -
The term Kingdom is a term that people are familiar with and a lot of people romanticize and have a lot of fondness for. And I thought the term was great, there's a reason many fantasy fans like it. It's definitely something fun we romanticize in fiction. Unfortunately, the term Kingdom, also assumes a male ruler as the default. And that's not something I want to go for. This group is about Call, a woman, rather than a man. It's very fitting that we choose the term "Queendom" instead of "Kingdom". Call isn't a King, she's a Queen!

- Why the name Empire? -
It's a way of avoiding the whole "Kingdom" vs. "Queendom" thing, while still getting the same message across. If not a Queen, and this group her Queendom, then Call can be an Empress, and this group her Empire. The term Empire is done, more than anything, for variety. Some people may like the term "Empress" more than "Queen".

- This is a futuristic game in a futuristic setting, why a Queen? -
It's symbolic, more than anything. And isn't to be taken overly seriously. I see Call as a successor to Roll. So, in a figurative sense, I see Roll handing down a crown to Call, to continue her lineage. As well, Call f being the victor of the first vote, I see her as a figurative Queen. Call is a partner to Beck in the canon, not a ruler or even socially powerful figure that we're aware. But it's fun for us fans to call her the "Queen" of the vote. Or, at least, it is for me. It should also be noted, that even in the distant future of humanity, there will probably be lots of references to the distant past. And science fiction is loaded with it. Queen Amidala from Star Wars, anyone?

- Why the Martial language? -
Because we're going to win! There is no doubt! Call f is going to be the final Call design chosen, and this group has not been created prematurely!
Really, the archaic, flowery, and martial language is all in good fun and shouldn't be taken overly seriously. It's related to the joke that the voting and opinions on Call have long been called the "Call Wars". I'm running with a joke by talking this way. When people talk of the Call voting and decision being a "Call War", it's amusing to me to go with it and speak in a militant and bombastic fashion.
This makes the "Queendom" and "Martial" theme all the more appropriate. I like to see this as a Queendom with a strong military, and us its members. And I'd love to give it a Queendom/Empire look and theme, with ranks and generals and commanders and so forth.
We all know that Roll is a cute and kind girl. This is all just a bit of silliness.

- Where are all the 'ye olde English' martial quotes coming from? -
Various sources, but, most prominently, Vondel's Lucifer. I'm in love with this classic novel for some strange reason.
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